According to MehrNews Agency, the fourth series of Farno events titled “Video Games and Interactive Books” was held at the Sheikh Bahaei Hall of the Iran National Innovation Fund with the presentation of 10 new projects.

With the development of new technologies, especially in information and communication technologies, video games and interactive book apps has been recognized as an attractive and role-playing entertainments for children and teenagers, and this has led to the fact that in recent years, video games and Interactive book applications have faced significant growth in the market of cultural industries and this growth continues to increase.

The series of events “Farno Cultural Link” is organized with the aim of gathering the best ideas for the video games and interactive book productions and marketing for the selected ideas with the joint cooperation of the Iran National Innovation Fund and Sepehr Foundation.

So far, three events have been held under the titles of “Characterization”, “Games, Toys and Dolls” and “Stationery”, and then, the fourth Farno event with the title “Video Games and Interactive Books” started its registration at October.The final presentation session of the 4th Farno event was held on Tuesday, December 21, with video game teams and interactive book developers, and cultural business incubators including accelerators and cultural industries innovation centers and senior producers in Iran National Innovation Fund. In this meeting, 10 teams from different provinces presented their plans in person or online.
Nafas Creative Innovation Hub was the fourth presented team that introduced its interactive books with the “Ataya: the Shahnameh” project. The feature of this product is teaching the Persian alphabet with the help of fictional characters, familiarizing with national characters and promoting Irani-Islamic culture. In this meeting, Mikaeel Pasandideh, on behalf of NafasHub, explained the Ataya project and its cultural and business features with a 5-minute opportunity, and then the attendees raised their questions and points regarding the presented plan.